Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My life of fun!

Isabella always keep us "rolling" with laughter and sometimes you just have to laugh instead of cry. After Easter, Isabella had taken 2 baskets full of plastic Easter grass and spread it all over my house (it was really fun to throw at each other :)0 but then she got carried away and it was in every room.... Well after a "couple" of days trying to clean it all up-now I have a new mess... Isabella had a friend over and they decided to try and "lure" the cat upstairs. I will let the video explain the rest...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Homeschool Heaven

We love to homeschool....One of the best parts of homeschooling is....learning and homework can take place ANYWHERE. And when spring is in the air- what better place to do your homework than in a tree. Then, how about the entire family joining in:)

Water Fireworks

Isabella got a snorkel & goggles for Easter and tried them out in the tub. While she was playing, she said "look Mom, water fireworks". She had so much fun.


Since I am not "on the ball" with my scrapbooking- I decided to go ahead and use my blog to document memories that I would usually document in the scrapbook- in high hopes of someday printing this blog and using it to scrapbook- although I may be a grandma when that day actually comes. But in the meantime, I thought this was a great way to journal, add pictures and it is "online" so if my computer dies (as it did a couple of weeks ago) at least I will have the memories..... I LOVE to scrapbook & journaling and would love to document every moment of this precious life I have BUT then I wouldn't have time to actually be making the memories:) I have a terrible memory- even things I think are really funny or important, that I think I will remember- I forget! But if I write down the little things, the entire event or moment comes back to mind. I love remembering all the funny little things my girls say or do. I wish I could bottle up all the wonderful moments and keep reliving them over and over.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My AWESOME Daughter

I sometimes sit in amazement of the children God has blessed me with. They are growing up so quickly, especially Carly. She has been taking a Digital Arts & Science class at a tutorial this year and she is completing a "project blog" this week before Spring Break. I checked out her Blog tonight and was truly amazed at her creativity. I hope you will check it out, I am sure you will enjoy it. I am very proud of her creativity and mostly proud of all her hard work! Way to go Carly!

This is my sweet, precious daughter- hard at work!! I am so proud :):) Luv ya Car, Car...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Chinese New Year Jan. 26th

Happy New Year!! ok- well at least Chinese New Year. Sorry my posts are a little out of order- not sure how to fix that...I am so behind on getting pictures up here.

We had a Chinese New year Party at our house for about 17 kids & 9 adults. What a sweet blessing it was to me to have my home filled with such activity from all of these precious gifts from God. Most of the kids are adopted- many from China, some special needs. Oh what sweet little children they are. It was such a joy to get to interact with all of them, to watch them play, to see their smiles and to feel the love in the house. It never ceases to amaze me how God orchestrates the building of families through biological birth & adoption. How each little one is a perfect addition to their own family, some that are adopted even "look" like their families. It is amazing. Each different personality- a gift-even though sometimes it is hard for us Moms to see the "sweetness" everyday- it is there-shown in an eye-catching smile, or their captivating eyes.

Chinese New Year Jan.26th

T working hard on those lanterns

group story time
Snack time!

Chinese New Year

Chinese Lanterns

Pin the tail on the Ox

Carly the craft helper! (what would I do without her :))

Sweet hands busy creating masterpeices!

Chinese New Year- Jan. 26th

Doing crafts!!!

I couldn't have set this up so perfectly!

sweet Zion...

Craft table-lots of busy hands.

Yummy cupcakes!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Family Circus

January 25th
We surprised the girls with a trip to the circus. It was such a blast! We usually have family movie night on Sunday evenings and so we told them we were going to grab a bite to eat and we wouldn't tell them where. We headed to Nashville and ate at the spaghetti factory. We still had not told them we were going to the circus but that we had something else to do. Then Carly heard someone in the bathroom telling her little girl to hurry up they needed to get to the circus. So she had guessed it! Both girls were so excited. It was Isabella's first time and I think Carly was more excited about seeing Isabella's reaction than anything else. We had such a fun night. It was such a treat to get out and do something different.

They were giving away these cute little clown noses and we were all wearing them but Isabella's wouldn't stay on her her cute little Chinese nose- she kept saying its because I'm Asian and my nose is smaller. It was so cute!

I think the elephants are always my favorite !!! We are trying to get Isabella in shape for the circus!
I think she would make a great contortionist.

God must have a sense of humor

You know how you sit and make a "plan", a well thought out schedule of events and then something changes your entire week around and you just have to sit back and let go of the steering wheel and see where you land- this has been my week:) I have to laugh because no matter how many times I learn-over and over again- that I am not in control, I never seem to really "get it" I still plan my days & week and then when something happens that changes that "plan" I get such a great reminder of how little I am in control and how God truly loves me enough to keep taking the steering wheel and guiding me down a different path, whether I like it or not....Let me explain..

This week I was "supposed" to go everyday to the doctor for some tests and shots to check and make sure my thyroid cancer had not come back. I had the entire week planned out accordingly. I was really looking forward to Friday night (a Valentine Date with my hubby) and Saturday an entire day devoted to celebrating Valentine's with my girls. You see last year I was having radiation therapy during Valentine's Day and both my girls were in KY. We have always loved Valentine's and made it a big production. I usually make a wonderful meal and the girls and Dad make a yummy chocolate dessert and then we sit in the dining room and have a lovely meal together. Well that all changed when I went to the doctor on Tuesday (the 2nd day of shots) and I wanted to clarify some information with Nuclear medicine. I went down to the Nuclear medicine department to find out what time I had to be there on Friday and they proceeded to tell me the things I needed to prepare to do for my body scan on Friday- the nuclear medicine I was supposed to take on Wed. was only 4 mcui and last year I had 100 mcui and had to be in the hospital for 2 days then isolation for 1 1/2 weeks. So I had been told this time I would not have all of these precautions since the radiation was minimal. Well-----the guys at Nuclear Medicine proceeded to tell me that I needed to be in isolation again (not in the hospital and not for as long) and that is was dangerous to be around my kids---so within an hour, my whole week changed. I immediately called my parents (thank you Mom & Dad for always being available!) and take Isabella to them and then change the rest of plans for the week so that I could stay in my office away from people. WHEW! it was a whirlwind. But- it has all worked out fine. and now I have time to update my blog. Although- my keyboard, mouse, telephone & TV remote are covered with plastic wrap :) and any papers I touch- I have to wear gloves....Valentine's Day will be celebrated- just late again this year :) Mom & Dad, I hope you enjoy my precious baby and give her lots of hugs & kisses from her Mommy.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Funny Face Girls

My Funny girls. Isn't is amazing what fun a trip to the dollar store can conjure up.

A place where we can share life with our friends and family.